TRAFFIC IMPACT - weekend closure of Bel-Air's West Gate, and Bellagio Road closure until November 22nd

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As part of the Bel Air Power Upgrade Project, LADWP will begin construction on Bellagio Road to install underground electrical equipment to upgrade reliability. Bellagio Road will be closed in two sections starting this weekend. Note the dates and locations of these two road closures:

1. Bellagio Road at Bellagio Way: Closed Saturday 10/19 to Sunday 10/20.

This weekend on Saturday 10/19 and Sunday 10/20, the 200-foot section between Sunset Blvd and Bellagio Road at Bellagio Way will be closed. Working hours are 7:00am to 6:00am on both Saturday and Sunday. Vehicles may use Glenroy Ave or Stone Canyon Road as a detour.

2. Bellagio Road to Sarbonne Road: Closed Monday 10/21 to Friday 11/22.

Starting Monday 10/21, the 1,300 foot section between Bellagio Road to Sarbonne Road will be closed. Working hours are Monday through Friday (7:00am to 4:00pm) and Saturday (7:00am to 6:00pm). Vehicles may use Sarbonne Road, Chalon Road and Bellagio Road (on the west side of the Bel-Air Country Club) as a detour.

For residents who live within the road closure between Bellagio and Sarbonne: Local Access Passes will be distributed to facilitate ingress and egress. Each household will receive 5 Local Access Passes for family members and designated visitors. Trash service will not be disrupted and deliveries will be allowed.

Emergency vehicles will be allowed to pass through the construction zone. Traffic control officers and flaggers will assist with traffic flow. We will be excavating and trenching on Bellagio Road – similar to the type of construction that was done on Sunset Blvd over the summer – so please allow extra time to navigate around construction and drive slowly.

Construction Supervisors will be on-site daily to oversee construction. Their contact numbers are below. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Construction Supervisor

Scott Traweek (213) 792-4161

Paul Luna (213) 792-5639

Demetrius Arduini (310) 704-3051

LADWP Community Affairs

Deborah Hong (213) 367-5204

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Increase in coyote sightings in Bel-Air -- take care with your pets


The Bel-Air Association has received calls of coyote sightings on the 200 block of Copa de Oro and Bel-Air Road. The BAA wants to remind residents that coyotes can jump over and dig under fencing so please be aware and watch your small and medium size pets.

Below are links below for more information:

“Coyotes: Safety and Prevention Tips”

“Coyote FAQs” from Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW)

Traffic Impact Heads Up: Upcoming LADWP Road Closures in Bel-Air - beginning October 19


LADWP’s utilities upgrade work continues and the next section of the project includes four “legs” of work that will require closures of roads. Detour routes have been established for each work zone leg and LADWP will post signage to provide advance awareness to motorists. Detour maps are in final development and will be shared as soon as available.

LEG 1: Bel-Air’s West Gate (Bellagio Way) will be closed the weekend of October 19-20, with prep work beginning at 7:00 AM, work beginning at 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

LEG 2 (start date TBA but after work on LEG 1 is complete): Involves work progressing on Bellagio Road, approximately 1,500 feet of work zone, and will require 4 to 5 weeks to complete.


LADWP Bel-Air Utilities Project - LEG 1 - Oct 19 & 20) 600.jpg


LADWP Bel-Air Utilities Project LEG 2 600.jpg

LEG 3 & 4: Work will take place in early 2020. Details are pending.

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