How prepared are you for a disaster?

For those in our Bel-Air community who would like to read suggestions on how to better prepare for disasters, please refer to the Southern California Preparedness Foundation’s links below. Remember, when a disaster strikes, the time for preparation has ended—don’t procrastinate preparation!

Any Bel-Air Association member who wants to participate in Bel-Air’s Committee on Neighborhood Watch and Emergency Preparedness, please contact Dr. Mark Goodman at

• Emergency Preparedness Kit Content Suggestions

• 72-hour (Grab and Go) Kit

• Nuclear Safety Checklist

• Home Security Checklist

• Pet Preparedness

• Red Cross 21 Weeks to Prepare

• Organizing Vital Records Suggestions

• Where to Purchase Emergency Preparedness Items

The Southern California Preparedness Foundation, a nonprofit corporation organized to promote and support disaster awareness, education and preparedness via community events, public forums, focused programs, and targeted outreach.

Also, has links to the various resource agencies.