Alert: Suspicious activity in Bel-Air community--caution and surveillance is advised

The BAA has received two alarming and disturbing reports of  incidents in our community that occurred this week:

1.  At 2:00 AM Friday morning, two men in what appeared to be a police vehicle, approached a residence on the 600 block of Nimes Road and stated that they were responding to a silent alarm dispatch. The house does not have a silent alarm. The men posing as police officers insisted on access into the house. West LAPD was contacted to inquire if a LAPD car was dispatched and they had no record of a silent alarm dispatch. 

2.  A USPS Carrier has informed the BAA that there has been a blue van following her on her delivery routes.  You are encouraged to insure your mailboxes are secured.

For additional information on theft and robbery prevention, here are a couple of links below, as well as a reprint of an October post with information from LAPD Lead Officer, Chris Ragsdale.

"10 Ways to Keep your Packages Safe"

Home Security Resources:  Best Security Cameras on the Market for 2016

Reprint of October BAA post containing LAPD recommendations on burglary prevention:

Senior Officer Chris Ragsdale, Sgt. Justin Scott (Community Relations Officer), Officer Michael Toth (West Traffic Division), and Officer P. Menchaca (Chief Complaint Officer) shared suggestions and procedures, some of which they emphasized:

 Advice for our residents with regard to prevention, emphasis on the use of alarms; in particular surveillance cameras that record; and gates, doors and windows that are secure.

• Although Bel-Air is considered a low-crime area, there has been and continue to be many construction site thefts.

 If there is a property that is a habitual “party house,” early notification to the LAPD non-emergency dispatch number is recommended.

 Early notification of issues by either calling 311 - or in case of life-or-death emergencies, 911

• The officers recommend our community recruit participants for a CERT Training Program (Civilian Emergency Response Team), as well as use of the MyLA311 App that can be uploaded to any smartphone (click on for information on the MyLA311 Application or the information at the end of this post).

To see a recent LAPD flyer regarding burglary prevention, click here.

LAPD West Los Angeles Division

1663 Butler Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025



NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273

ALL OTHER CITY SERVICES: 311 or MYLA311 Application on Smartphone