Letter From New BAA Chair and President

To the Members of the Bel-Air Association

We are pleased to announce that the Association’s March 17th, 2016 Special Members’ meeting resulted in the election of a new group of Directors. The voting result was overwhelming in favor of change! All of our new directors received at least 154 of the 156 votes cast. The new Directors include Marcia Hobbs, Association Chair, Daniel J Love, President and Acting Treasurer, Jamie Meyer, Secretary, Maureen Levinson, Vice President and also James Hyman, Steven Myers, Tawny Sanders, Gail Sroloff and Sopavan (Nook) Suphamongkhon.

The Association’s old bylaws (which included items such as notification by telegram) have also been modernized and improved.

We are particularly proud of the openness built into the new bylaws. From now on, the Association will post its annual financial statements on-line, it will post its yearly tax returns and federal form 990 on-line, it will make its Director meeting minutes available to its members, it will survey its members and open meetings up to the community, and it will operate in a transparent manner.  Its Board of Directors will be active individuals in the community and will be openly disclosed.  We are anxious to hear your opinions and you will shortly be able to contact your BOD members directly.

Given the wholesale turnover in Directors and Officers, it may take a bit of time to populate our website, but we ask that you check in periodically as we get up to speed. Please go to belairassociation.org and see the beginning of our new website and blog. 

We pledge to act in the interests of the homeowners of our community, and we will always be frank and open as to our policies and initiatives. We believe that a revitalized Association will bring much needed openness and aggressive advocacy of the community interests. 

We also encourage you to read the most recent article in the Beverly Hills Courier which discusses the recent election and the status of the Association’s history and business records http://bhcourier.com/bel-air-bust-up-new-bylaws-passed-new-boardmembers-elected-at-bel-air-association-special-meeting/

Also, please watch the Beverly Hills Courier edition next Friday, March 25th for an article which will describe more of the process that we are undergoing in transitioning to new leadership.  

Best personal regards,

Marcia Hobbs

Daniel J Love