Bureau of Street Services to issue non-compliance notices affecting some Bel-Air property owners

The Bureau of Street Services are currently sending out notices of non-compliance to several Bel-Air property owners with an order to clear brush and vegetation that interfere with or obstruct free passage of pedestrians or vehicles along or upon streets or sidewalks.  If you receive such a notice, please do not ignore it as there could be severe penalties for non-compliance.  Most notices will be sent to those homes that run along northern Sunset Boulevard—that includes the backyards of the properties that run along Sunset.  

If you receive a notice, please do not ignore it.  It will be prudent for property owners to check around their properties to assure compliance with LAMC Sec. 56.08. E   Sidewalks — Streets — Obstructions.  Click here for a PDF version.

An easy rule of thumb is all vegetation and/or obstructions be removed 1 to 3 feet back from the curb face.