Pipeline Replacement and Hydrotesting Update: SoCalGas Co expected to be out of the public’s way by December 9th


The Bel-Air Association has received notice from SoCalGas Co that they are almost completely done with their work on Sepulveda Boulevard and expects its crews to be out of the public’s way by December 9th.

In a letter, SoCalGas Co’s Community Education and Outreach Project Manager, Juan Gonzalez, further thanked the BAA Board for their participation in the project’s community impact plans.  The BAA would like to thank Juan Gonzales and SoCalGas Co for reaching out to the community, as well as those BAA members who live in the area and who participated with input in BAA’s discussions with SoCalGas Co to help mitigate the project’s impacts:

Final-L A Notification Update 11-29-17_43-121 .jpg