Skirball Fire - BAA needs resident's input & Councilmember Koretz's swift action with Special Motion


Skirball Fire - BAA needs resident's input

Councilmember Koretz's swift action with Special Motion

The BAA thanks those who have promptly conveyed their experiences, special acknowledgements and recommendations.  We look forward to more responses from the community and anticipate collecting this input through next week.

While the event of the past week is still fresh in our minds and with City forums opening up for analysis, the BAA is seeking Bel-Air’s input on how the City agencies performed—namely to find out what worked and what didn’t work.

Please email your comments, suggestions and recommendations to

 Some examples of input we want to hear is how effective the alerts and communication was from the City.  For example, did you received text alerts from LAFD or the Emergency Management Department (EMD), as well as an automated telephone calls from LAFD or the EMD?

 If pertinent, how was communication during the mandatory evacuation?

 What was your primary source for news and information for updates?

• Did you follow any of LAFD’s, LAPD’s or Councilmember Koretz’s (CD5)’s Twitter accounts and, if so, how did those preform?

• Of course, we are interested in how the Bel-Air Association and their email blasts helped with the relay of information and any suggestions for improvement.

 Also as important, if anyone is interested in participating in BAA’s Emergency Preparedness Committee, please contact the BAA office.

Again, please email your comments, suggestions and recommendations as soon as possible to

Thank you and we look forward to your input.

Councilmember Koretz’s swift action:

Yesterday, Councilmember Paul Koretz presented a Special Motion with intent to galvanize City agencies to deal with encampments and other fire-related issues and concerns in our hillside areas.

Link to Special Motion here.