And ANOTHER Ponzi scheme allegation affecting Bel-Air properties


Bel-Air has received its share of alleged developer fraud and Ponzi schemes — and to follow in the steps of developer Jay Belson, Paul Manafort’s ex-son-in-law Jeffrey Yohai (Paul Manafort and Jason Somers’s Crest Real Estate are listed as creditors in the bankruptcy filing), there is a new allegation by the Securities Exchange Commission involving Woodbridge Group, owner Robert Shapiro (not to be confused with the Los Angeles attorney).

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THE REAL DEAL “SEC sues Robert Shapiro for allegedly masterminding $1 Billion Ponzi scheme”

US Securities and Exchange Commission press release.

LINK to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) 47-page complaint that has more details.

THE REAL DEAL “Mercer Vine’s office hits the market following SEC suit against Robert Shapiro”

LINK to the LOS ANGELES TIMES article, “SEC alleges $1.2-billion real estate Ponzi scam”