Annual Meeting of Bel-Air Association reveals new BAA Leadership for 2017-18 and a Q&A on Bel-Air Overlay and issues to tackle in upcoming year

The March 28th Annual Meeting of the Bel-Air Association was attended by approximately 100 members and a few non-members who wanted to learn more about the Bel-Air Overlay.  Speakers included officers of the Bel-Air Association including Dan Love, Marcia Hobbs and Maureen Levinson; Fred Rosen of the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance, and Shawn Bayliss, Planning Director from CD5 Councilmember Paul Koretz’s office.   The results of the nearly 200 ballots for the Board of Directors election were read out by Mr. Aaron Levy of the accounting firm of Lodgen, Lacher, Golditch, Sardi, Saunders & Howard LLP.  After the voting results were counted, the floor was opened to questions from the membership that focused on issues for the new year, including environmental impact issues, protected trees, continued vigilance of construction and reckless drivers on Bel-Air’s roads.

Most of last year’s board members were re-elected for the next year and the number of board members increased from nine to ten.  Retiring from the Board is Tawny Sanders, who served the community selflessly during the past year.  Board of Directors for the BAA are Mark Goodman MD, Marcia Hobbs, Bibi Horacek, James Hyman, Maureen Levinson, Dan Love, Jamie Meyer, Steven Myers, Gail Sroloff and Nook Suphamongkhon.  Immediately after the meeting, the new Board met to elect its officers:  Marcia Hobbs, Chairman; Dan Love, President; Maureen Levinson, Vice President; Jamie Meyer, Secretary; and Steven Myers, Treasurer.

At the end of the meeting, BAA President, Dan Love, stressed the importance of the community working together on the issues, stating “We are all in this together.”