LADBS Inspectors now advising construction sites of new hours

Due to the recently-passed Bel-Air Overlay, LADBS Inspectors will be handing out notices to construction project managers that reflect the new construction hours for the Bel-Air community.  LADBS advised that it may take a few weeks to complete this task so they ask the community to be patient.

The new hours are a result of the tremendous effort of working with Councilmember Koretz and members of his staff — Faisal Alserri and Shawn Bayliss — along with the City Planning Department officials and LADBS.  The push for these changes began with the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance in 2014, and the recent Bel-Air Association leadership.  The intent of these changes were to bring common sense and intelligent rules to balance the needs of the residents with sensible development.

Thank you to Bel Air Homeowners Alliance President and CEO, Fred Rosen, and Bel-Air Association President, Dan Love, for dedicating their time and energy to benefit Bel-Air residents and to improve the quality of life in our community.

Click here for a PDF version of the notice.