Somma Way Update

For those residents who are familiar with one of the active developments on Somma Way, we would like to share with you a recent marketing video for the property.  The single-family dwelling, that is still under construction, is for sale for $75 million.  

There was much community objection to this project due to the impact from the export of nearly 30,000 cubic yards of dirt, and the out-of-scale 40,000 square feet design of this single family dwelling.  This project is an example of what was being approved prior to the passage of the Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) and pre-Bel-Air Overlay, and is an indication of how far we have come over the past three years to curb abuses of the neighborhood by speculative developers.  

Some of you may be amused by the marketing video - done with actors over a green screen.

Click here to view video.