Burglaries and thefts up significantly in community

At Wednesday's Bel-Air/Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council meeting, LAPD Office Chris Ragsdale, Senior Lead Representative for LAPD, reported crime has increased significantly in our neighborhoods -- especially with "knock-knock" burglaries where the doorbell is rung to see if anyone answers, then the perpetrators go around to the back and force entry into the premises.  Below is the most recent LAPD community alert.  If anyone wants to sign up for these notifications, click here to be linked to the E-Policing page for LAPD. 

If you see a crime in progress, please call 911 immediately.  If you have a doorbell surveillance system (like Ring, Inc.), and notice someone is going around to the back of your property, call 911 immediately.  

Below are a sequence of photos taken by security cameras of a car break-in on 4/17/17 in the vicinity of Bel-Air's west gate.