Bel-Air Homeowners Alliance President sends message to Mohamed Hadid's attorney, Robert Shapiro



I read with interest your quote that  you made in court that "This is not a matter of great public interest". I respectfully beg to differ with you. This matter has risen to both community, citywide, national and International significance with stories from the Beverly Hills Courier, The New York Times, Nightline, the Los Angeles Times, and The Daily Mail in London. I believe in our judicial system and that all Defendant's are entitled to receive the best representation they can get--and clearly that's the case here.

That said, let me be abundantly clear about a few facts---this isn't only about the few neighbors who are directly impacted and had their property values significantly reduced.  Its about the entire community who are upset and offended by your client's cavalier disrespect for the rules. He does not seem to comprehend that the city has laws and regulations that also apply to him. Attempting to hide more than 9000' of illegal home construction is more than a slight error--its both willful and intentional--he clearly assumed he could ask for forgiveness---which our organization is firmly against him receiving. For the record, 9000'+  is probably larger than 98% of the homes in America.

I wanted you to be aware of these facts--and that it is my intention to send this communication to our entire community.

I am reminded of another very high profile case that you participated in--there was a defining line--which I intend to paraphrase here...."You must admit-- the house doesn't fit!"  And as they often say, what goes round comes round.


Fredric D. Rosen--President-CEO

Bel Air Homeowners Alliance