BAA to address severe traffic impact with LADWP from unexpected street resurfacing

Friday residents were caught off-guard at the closure and detours at Bel-Air’s East Gate.  Bel-Air Road was closed to traffic due to street resurfacing that LADWP sub-contracted out to a private company.   Bel-Air Road’s street resurfacing was part of a water meter installation project from a few weeks ago around Cuesta Way.  The BAA was not given proper notice and, as a result, the community was not informed of the closure, and traffic impact mitigations were not discussed in advance.  The intersection at Bel-Air Road, St Pierre Road and Bellagio Road was in a dangerous gridlock throughout the day.  Repaving equipment was staged on Saint Pierre and Bellagio Road resulting in one-way roads with no flagmen or traffic coordination.

The resurfacing was a one-day project.  The Bel-Air Association will review this dangerous event with LADWP.