Bel-Air Construction Overlay: LADBS to beef-up enforcement of the new rules

With the passage of the Bel-Air Overlay District, construction projects are now limited to the hours of 8AM to 6PM Monday to Friday, and 8AM to 6PM on Saturday for INTERIOR work ONLY.

While most contractors are reputable, there are still those that either do not know of the new restrictions, or do not care.

The Bel-Air Association has been working with the Department of Building & Safety to more effectively enforce the new rules. In that spirit, we ask that should you witness a violation, please take a moment to take a picture and document the issue, and email it to the Association. We will pass that information on so we can continue tracking violators and informing the appropriate agencies.

Please send your communications to:


Thank you for all your hard work and diligence. 

Your Bel-Air Association

Click here for the LADBS Notice of new construction restrictions

Click here for the HCR Summary