City Attorney cracks down on alleged party houses in the Hollywood Hills and the Ordinance to Regulate Party Houses update


The Bel-Air Association is posting the City Attorney’s press release about the crackdown on party houses in the Hollywood Hills area as it addresses the concern many community members have with regard to the out-of-scale “single family dwellings” currently under construction — or finishing construction —  in our Bel-Air hills --  and the potential of these structures operating as event facilities or party houses.

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In June 2016, a Motion to regulate party houses was introduced by CD4’s David Ryu, and seconded by CD5’s Paul Koretz. 

Salient points about the Ordinance:

This draft ordinance will need to be heard in the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) and Public Safety committees before being adopted by full council to become law. Main components of the ordinance:

· Substantially increases the types of activity that could allow enforcement against a party house.

· Allows for fines, or misdemeanors, to be brought against party organizers AND the person in charge of the house (owner or leaseholder).

· Any location cited under the ordinance will also be tagged with a public notice of the Loud and Unruly Gathering which took place on site, and the notice must remain posted for 30 days or incur further penalties.

· Provides for escalating penalties up to $4,000, or for locations where monetary fines are not persuasive, misdemeanors.

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