LAFD Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone Homeless Encampment Location Program

bel air homeless encampment.jpg

The Los Angeles Fire Department is dedicating a large sum of resources (personnel from 51 of LAFD's 106 neighborhood fire stations) to surveying the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ) within their purview for encampments and people currently experiencing homelessness. 

A bulk of the work will be done by LAFD's Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) via their Brush Clearance Unit (BCU). If the encampment is found to be on private property, then the BCU will attempt to contact the property owner(s). Any encampments found will be reported to partner agencies for outreach and enforcement (LAHSA, DMH, LAPD, non-profit organizations).

Anyone in the community who runs into an encampment in the brush in a VHFHSZ is encouraged to call the BCU at (800) 994-4444. 

Click here to link to the LAFD's Fact Sheet.