Notorious Stradella party house owner, Jeffrey Yohai, under investigation for fraud and identity theft

Yohai_s demise 1000.jpg

Stradella party house owner, Jeffrey Yohai, has been jailed and charged with identity theft and wire fraud.

Yohai rented the property out as a short-term rental where it was publicized as a venue to hold events and parties. Earlier this year, neighbors banned together to get a Court ordered injunction on his problematic parties at his property on Stradella Road.

LOOSE DOGS: May residents on Stradella have encountered the dogs who would escape on a daily basis from holes in a dilapidated fence around the property. These caring neighbors would rescue the dogs and keep them safe until one of Yohai’s people would pick them up. Neighbors will be relieved to know that the dogs have been removed from the property and are safe with Yohai’s former Assistant and his former wife. We have the office staff at the BAA to thank for facilitating their placement.

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