779 Stradella Party House promises BAA to end the parties and events: Can Jeffrey Yohai keep his promise?

Another unruly party on Tuesday night, the third party in less than a week, was the last straw for many neighbors.  Party goers habitually block the dangerous  blind curb by illegally parking on both sides of the street. Property damage and late night disruption to neighbors is commonplace as drunken 20-somethings ring random doorbells and leave empty liquor bottles strewn along the street. And when they need a break from blasting the music into the canyon, the party-goers seem to enjoy tossing their lite cigarette butts into the hillside.

Tuesday’s party was no different as it prompted residents to call Parking Enforcement and LAPD.  Parking Enforcement showed up around 10:30 and began to issue citations to nearly 40 illegally-parked cars.  Reportedly, a group of unruly party goers began threatening Parking Enforcement, causing them to leave the scene so LAPD could handle the situation.  LAPD arrived around 1:00 AM to issue citations and clear-out the area.

After Thursdays evenings house fire on Bellagio Road, local neighbors are reminded yet again that should these types of party houses continue to illegally block the roads, those who live above are being placed in tremendous danger should emergency services not be able to get through. 

After learning of the property damage, rise in crime, and extremely dangerous situations that was being created by him renting his home to large parties and raves, Mr. Yohai has promised to cease any and all rentals for events and parties. For everyone’s safety and sanity, we hope he keeps that promise. 

BAA posted a story on this property on November 10, 2017.  If interested, click here to link to that post.