BAA Planning and Land Use News: 11667 Bellagio Road; 1001 Bel-Air Road, 800 Stradella Road


• 11667 West Bellagio Road:  Developer Kourosh "Sam" Nazarian made his second trip before the Board of Building and Safety Commissioners on Tuesday.  LADBS Grading Inspector Sergio Valenzuela spoke about the 26 Orders to Comply outstanding on the project and the frustration that none of them are being addressed (some are duplicate orders for the same problem).  The Bel-Air Association was present and supported the adjacent property owners and spoke before the Board.

BBSC RULING:  The job is stopped and the action of the Board was to hold the issue in abeyance…nothing has been rescinded, however, no work on the permits can persist until LADBS schedules the hearing for the haul route to haul an additional 200 cubic yards (BFN 180030).

• 1001 Bel-Air Road:  Haul route was approved to remove 5,750 c.y. with (3) additional conditions that was added by the Bel-Air Association.  Those additional conditions were:

    a.    No hauling on Wednesday (sanitation pick-up day)

    b.    Designated laborer to water down site continuously

    c.    Telephone number to be provided of on-site project manager for the neighbors and BAA.

• 800 Stradella Road:  Will begin construction activity on the site on Monday, April 2, 2018.  Stradella residents are encouraged to take extra time to make it down the hill due to yet another construction site in the vicinity.