New map will let Californians know if they're on top of an earthquake fault


The California Geological Survey this week an online interactive map that allows users to type in any address to find out if they're in an "earthquake hazard zone."

The application allows potential buyers and sellers of properties to learn more about potential earthquake hazards.

The California Geological Survey said the earthquake hazard zones are defined by three ground failures including fault rupture, liquefaction and earthquake-induced landslides.

This raises many questions especially with development in the Bel-Air area:

Why is it important for developers to know if a property is in one of these zones?

The main point of these maps is to flag for developers and prospective buyers what they’re getting into — that there may be a risk of earthquake fault rupture, liquefaction or landslide.

Are sellers required to disclose to buyers that their properties are in these earthquake hazard zones?

Yes. The Natural Hazards Disclosure Act requires that anyone selling property disclose to prospective buyers that the land lies in a hazard area.

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