Pet Alert - Missing Owners: Gray and white cat spotted on Stone Canyon Road and two dogs running wild on Bel-Air Road

Pets - cat.jpg

A gray and white cat has been spotted roaming in the vicinity of the 1500 block of Stone Canyon Road.  Neighbors are worried it will be attacked by a coyote or hit by an car.  If you have any information as to the owner of this pet, please contact the BAA office at or call (310) 474-3527.

Pets dogs.jpg

The BAA received a report that two dogs are occasionally loose and running wild on Bel-Air Road.  These are photos of the pair on the 1500 block of Bel-Air Road.  They appear to be two Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  They have collars but due to their confrontational nature, neighbors are hesitant to approach them.  If you know the owner of these dogs, please contact the BAA office at or call (310) 474-3527.