Message from CLAW (Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife): Rodenticides



Dear Friends,

This is big. We currently have the chance to protect wildlife from a danger that has been impacting over 75% of our wild predators: Rodenticides. 

For years, CLAW has joined other environmental groups in advocating to ban harmful anti-coagulatant rat poisons, which work their way up the food chain, weakening and sometimes killing animals such as mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, hawks, and owls. 

On April 10th, a state legislature committee will have a hearing on AB 2422, a bill that would ban harmful rodenticides, except for agricultural or special permit use. 

Your voice is needed to help get this bill passed! 

Please send your personal message to all of the members and staff of the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee (ETSM), asking them to vote YES in support of AB 2422.

Some points to make might include:

• When wild predators eat rats who have consumed anticoagulant rodenticides, they in turn show symptoms of poisoning. This can lead to death from mange or internal hemorrhaging.

• Nearly 75% of wild animals in California test positive for rodenticide exposure. In the Santa Monica Mountains region, 90% of mountain lions and 92% of bobcats have rat poison in their system.

• At least 29 animal species in California are affected by secondary poisoning, including endangered species such as the San Joaquin Kit Fox.

• Rodenticides are not necessary for effective pest control, and have been shown to have a counterproductive effect by weakening and killing natural predators of rodents.

Please send your email to the following:



Pressed for time?

We know this is short notice, so CLAW has made an online form where you can easily contact the committee via Secretary Pia Estrada:

Want to make a bigger impression?

You may live in the district of one of the committee members. If you are in any of the following areas, call or write your assembly member to ask for his or her support of AB 2422. Make sure to mention that you are a constituent!

● Dr. Joaquin Arambula, Dem-31 (Fresno)
Staff: Arturo Barajas,

● Chris Holden, Dem-41 (Northern San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena, San Dimas)
Staff: Elle Hoxworth,

● Al Muratsuchi, Dem-66 (Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes)
Staff: Brady McCarthy,

● William Brough, Rep-73 (Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Clemente)

● Phillip Chen, Rep-55 (Brea, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, La Habra, Industry, Placentia, Rowland Heights)

Thank you!

Your voice can have a huge impact on the health of thousands of animals in California. We appreciate your continued support and action for our local wildlife.

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