Developer’s willful disregard for public safety forces BAA to call State and City officials

Wednesday afternoon the development at 10701 Bellagio, which is associated with Niles Niami, took it upon themselves to COMPLETELY shutdown Carcassonne Road for nearly three hours with a crane and semitrucks. There was no warning, no notification, no detour signage, and NO PERMITS. Anyone attempting to access the road was simply waved-off with zero explanation. Angry residents were met with contempt from the construction workers, as bikers and neighborhood walkers were forced to walk through and under the operating crane. No provisions were taken for pedestrian safety. Assemblymember Bloom, Councilmember Koretz, LAPD, and CAL OSHA have all been contacted and we are hopeful this incredibly dangerous situation is not allowed to happen again. It’s a shame the developer has decided that the lives of his neighbors are far less valuable than his sod delivery.