Trees under threat by City: CF-16-0461 “Tree Replacement In-Lieu Fee”


The plan places a $2,600 “in-lieu” fee *on developers to plant a sapling after destroying a mature shade tree worth $15,000 to $85,000. The sapling will take two decades to provide shade, and they won’t even be planted where the destroyed tree was removed.
The cheap fee will set off a chopping melee. NASA and L.A. scholars say that by paving over our greenery, L.A. is creating a terrible “heat island” — severe and growing heat waves. Deaths are rising.
The tree in-lieu fee proposed in Council File 16-0461 is opposed by thousands of people, including:

  • Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils
  • Coalition to Preserve LA
  • United Neighbors 4 LA
  • Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Tree Committee 

Los Angeles City Hall is a decade behind the 20 key cities in urban sustainability, by allowing our crucial, protective tree canopy to die. 

For more information:

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