Hadid's 901 Strada Vecchia: Website dedicated to build community awareness

Tear It Down.jpg

A website dedicated to 901 Strada Vecchia went public today with the support of the BAA. The website sends a loud and clear message to our elected officials and LADBS, that Bel-Air residents are understandably fed up with the City’s inability or unwillingness to enforce their own rules, not only to respect to 901 Strada Vecchia but to all construction in Bel-Air.

Hadid has evaded responsibility for years and received nothing more than a slap on the wrist, even when he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor criminal charges last year. The City and LADBS are letting Hadid exploit planning rules and otherwise bending over backwards for a convicted criminal developer. This sends a dangerous message to all developers.

Click here to link to the website - or visit http://tearitdown.net

Zoning Administrator to hear appeal on Hadid's Erosion Control Plan for the illegally-built structure.  The appeal hearing is set for June 7 at 10 a.m. in the West Los Angeles Municipal Building at 1645 Corinth Ave. Los Angeles. 

Click here to link to BH COURIER article (pages 1 and 11).