Hadid’s 901 Strada Vecchia: Let’s make our voices heard at Public Hearing on Thursday, June 7th

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901 Strada Vecchia June 7th hearing info.jpg

Join fellow Bel-Air residents in calling on City Officials to say NO! to this outrageous, 82-foot-high monstrosity. The illegal and dangerous mega-mansion must be brought into compliance, with proper variances, public hearings and environmental review, or must be torn down. It is that simple! 

For a list of suggested talking points for the hearing on June 7, please reply directly to Bibi Horacek (bb4la1@gmail.com) and indicate if you would like transportation. Note that you are encouraged to attend even if you do not reply so long as you will provide your own transportation.

BEVERLY HILLS COURIER (page 5) “Resident-funded website takes aim at Hadid’s Strada Vecchia Project”

Visit the Tear It Down website at http://tearitdown.net