We're in for a brutal fire season officials warn

Authorities warn this fire season will be a bad one and we are to expect daily outbreaks of vegetation fires due to dry conditions and warm weather.  

Are You Ready?

With recent brush fires fresh in our memory, we can all play our part to be ready in the event of a brush fire. The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Ready, Set, Go is an important program designed to help keep you and your family safe.

For more details and to get prepared: https://www.lafd.org/safety/education/ready-set-go

Here are links to connect to emergency alerts:

Link to sign-up for LAFD Alerts.

Link to Notify LA sign-ups.

For notification of LAFD incidents in your area, sign up for alerts at http://www.lafd.org/alerts or you can download the Pulsepoint App - http://www.pulsepoint.org/download/ and select the LAFD Bureau you wish to follow.  Our Bel-Air area is divided between Valley and West Bureau so you should follow both.  Under settings you can select to be notified of Vegetation Fires, Structure Fires or Major Traffic incidents.

Link to PulsePoint.

For more information regarding upcoming fire season, links are below:

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