Most Important Hearing-to-Date on Hadid’s 901 Strada Vecchia is Tuesday — Community urged to attend AND personal message from Horacek and Bedrosian families to the community

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The BAA urges community members who are in town to please attend the Board of Building & Safety Commissioners hearing this Tuesday, June 26, 2018, at 9:30 AM at 201 N. Figueroa Street, Room 900, Los Angeles, CA  90012.  There will be transportation provided so please email or call either the BAA office at or at or call (310) 440-8891.

For more information, click here to link to BAA post “Why is LADBS ignoring the BBSC clear mandate on Hadid’s 901 Strada Vecchia?”

BEVERLY HILLS COURIER “Building and Safety Commissioners’ 901 Strada Vecchia Hearing Set for Tuesday” (see Page 5)

Personal Message from the Horacek and Bedrosian families

Dear Our Wonderful Community, 

We wanted to give a very special thanks to the Bel-Air community, the Bel-Air Association, Bel Air Homeowners Alliance, Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council, the Hillside Federation, The Benedict Canyon Association, and all of the organizations that have helped support the demand for the demolition of 901 Strada Vecchia and the restoration of the hillside.

Approximately 80 members of the community attended the June 7 hearing with the Zoning Administrator. It is incredibly gratifying that so many of you have taken your valuable time to attend and voice your strong support for the demolition of 901 Strada Vecchia. Your presence not only makes a major impact on the hearing officer but it also makes an important statement to the press as to the near unanimous feeling of the Bel-Air community. We need maximum resident participation to be effective, especially in dealings with City agencies who respond to evidence of community support. Together we can protect our beautiful community and stop some of the outrageous construction violations in Bel Air, and send a strong message to LADBS, the City Attorney and the Mayor. 

Hadid’s 901 Strada Vecchia is a public nuisance. We have been dealing with this illegal construction at 901 Strada Vecchia since 2011 (seven years). Three years ago, LADBS issued an order to tear down the unapproved unpermitted construction at 901 (see below for details), yet the project remains. Many people in the community have asked what they can do to help, this is it! Attend the June 26 hearing in front of the BBSC. This hearing is crucial. Prepare a two minute or less written speech to present at the hearing and be prepared to submit that speech at the end of your oral statement to the Board Secretary, Cora Johnson

If you do not feel comfortable speaking you can submit a written statement to Cora Johnson, but in any event just having you there is extremely powerful. At the last hearing the Zoning Administrator asked people who support the appellants (us), to raise their hands. Our hearts were filled with gratitude when all but one person (Hadid’s current architect, Ignacio Rodriguez) in the over 80-person audience raised their hands.

We are happy to provide transportation and welcome all of you to contact us directly with any questions, thoughts or concerns at or call (310) 440-8891. 

Again, our deepest gratitude for your support to date and for your continued support. Our thanks also to the strong support by Councilmember Paul Koretz and his staff.

Joe & Bibi Horacek

John & Judy Bedrosian

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