Court orders more restrictions after June 16 party at notorious 779 Stradella party house


Further restrictions were ordered by the Court this Tuesday, June 26, 2018, against Jeffrey Yohai due to yet another party at his property at 779 Stradella Road on June 16, 2018.  Residents experienced amplified noise, illegal parking and blockage of Stradella’s winding curve.  The Court Order from June 26th states there can be no music or amplified sound emanating from 779 Stradella that is audible from beyond the property line of 779 Stradella.  

This is a substantial tightening of the prior restriction.  Amplified sound can be heard no more than 200 feet from the property line and no more noise after 4:30 PM.  If noise can be heard one foot from the boundry-line, it is a violation.