City Council Prohibits Loud Speakers on Open-air Tour Buses

Tour bus noise ordinance.jpg

This week City Council approved an ordinance which prohibits the use of loudspeakers or any other sound-amplifying equipment on unenclosed tour buses in the City of Los Angeles. The ordinance, which began as a motion introduced by Councilmember Ryu in September of last year, requires any unenclosed commercial tour bus, or a tour bus that has been modified to have its roof partially or completely removed, to use headphones for passengers instead of the common current practice of loudspeakers and amplifiers.

The City Ordinance was made possible by a change to State law signed by Governor Brown in September, 2017, which allows municipalities to regulate tour bus operators in their respective boundaries. That law, commonly known as AB25, was introduced by Assembly member Adrin Nazarian, who represents California’s 46th district, including parts of the Hollywood Hills and the San Fernando Valley.

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City Council File 17-1116: Link to final Ordinance 185601