Cause of owl’s death in Bel-Air suggests use of rodenticides

Dead owl.jpg

A Bel-Air homeowner came upon a very sad sight of a regularly-observed young owl how had tragically died and who suspects its death was caused by rodenticide contamination.

Homeowner Rhys Marsh had a poignant message: “To to the extent anyone in the area is using rat poison or other poison bait, please be aware that our choices do impact the ecology around us and I would encourage considering alternative pest control methods. Thank you all for your help in making this beautiful neighborhood a safe home for the wildlife that we share it with as well.”

For a link to more information on banning rodenticides and alternative methods of pest control, please visit the Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) website. On that CLAW website, one may also learn about the Barn Owl Nesting Box program.

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