Birds (and Lime) e-scooters migrating into hillsides

Abandoned electronic scooters have been spotted on hillside roads in Bel-Air.  The companies who provide these e-scooters are Bird and Lime.  Both companies have websites that are listed below.  To be informed residents, listed below are requirements to be a lawful rider on these new modes of transportation.  Should a resident find these scooters abandoned on our hillside roads, please contact the BAA office at (310) 474-3527, or contact the respective company through their website.

The City of Beverly Hills has banned e-scooters for six months with a zero-tolerance policy and West Hollywood has banned them as well.

Click here to link to THE BEVERLY HILLS COURIER's article "Beverly Hills News - City Council Bans Electronic Scooters"

ABC Ch 7 Eyewitness News segment “Santa Monica increases enforcement on motorized scooters as Beverly Hills bans them”

e-scooters rules.jpg

Website for Bird:

Website for Lime:

Photo of a Bird and a Lime e-scooter abandoned on a No Stopping/Tow-Away blind curve on Stradella Road last Sunday evening:

Birds and Lime photo on Stradella 800.jpg