Radios to be distributed to BAA’s Emergency Preparedness Team Captains this Wednesday

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A message from BAA’s Emergency Preparedness Committee Chairperson:

Dear Bel-Air Neighbor:


Experts believe there is a high probability that California will experience a major earthquake of 6.7 magnitude or greater within the next 30 years. In addition, Los Angeles hillsides are particularly vulnerable to fire, flooding and other extreme weather conditions. According to CalFire, our community is located in a Very Severe Hazard Zone.  We have had over 10 recorded fires in our community in the last two years—far greater than any time prior. The above facts are alarming and require affirmative action by all of us.

City urges neighborhoods to get organized in the very likely occurrence of a disaster or event that will overwhelm our Emergency Responders

It is important that you know your immediate neighbors.  Introduce yourself to your neighbors and make sure to have their contact information.   In the event of a major disaster, the city officials informed us that our area may be without city resources an extended period. Working together with your neighbors could be critical in the event of an emergency.  Get to know them now!

See how you can help — call the BAA office and volunteer to be a Team Captain

The Bel-Air Association has been working very closely with the Los Angeles Fire and Police Departments to create an effective communication system in the event of a major disaster. We have divided our area into sectors—each consisting of 15-25 homes.  Many residents have already agreed to be sector team captains, or serve as back-ups to the team captains.  The goal is that in the event of an emergency, all residents will be able to communicate to their respective team captain.  In addition, the team captains will be able to communicate with other team captains, the Bel-Air Association and myself. Be A Team Captain for your area! The training is not difficult.  We can all do it and we must! 

Please contact Alex at the Bel-Air Association at (310) 474-3527 to be a team captain, partner with your immediate neighbors, and collaborate with our entire community. Your involvement is very important.   

Let's connect!

Dr. Mark Goodman
BAA Board Member and Chairperson of the Emergency Preparedness Committee