County Assessor: Are you overpaying on Property Taxes?

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As many as 1 in 3 in homeowners in the County of Los Angeles are overpaying on their property taxes because they are not taking advantage of the homeowners exemption. That's $30 million dollars in savings left unclaimed every year! Are you the 1 in 3?

This is how it works: This exemption reduces a property’s taxable assessed value by $7,000, provided that the property is the owners’ principal place of residence as of January 1. The result is $70 savings on the annual tax bill. Homeowners need only apply once in order to receive the savings each year or until a change in ownership is recorded.  

Visit and check the Assessor Portal to search a property and determine if the Exemption has already been applied. For further questions regarding the Homeowners’ Exemption Application form and filing information, please call 213-974-3415.

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