BAA: A word about private patrol companies in Bel-Air

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It has come to the Bel-Air Association’s attention that there are several private patrol companies soliciting customers in Bel-Air and reports that some of these company’s representatives claim they are endorsed or recommended by the Bel-Air Association.

The Bel-Air Association does NOT endorse any private patrol company and encourages each homeowner to carefully question these security patrol companies before entering into a contract. 

If a resident is told that the BAA recommends a company, please notify the BAA at (310) 474-3527 or email

For more information on private patrol operators, here is a link to State of California Private Patrol Operator or Qualified Manager Fact Sheet.

As a courtesy, here are a few of the many questions that should be asked when interviewing a private patrol company: Is the company licensed? Do they have a Private Patrol Operator (“PPO”) License? Do they have references? Is the company insured? How does the company monitor its guards? Will you receive a written report on any incident at your property? Does the company have 24-hour emergency communication in place? What is the required training for their patrol personnel?, etc.

For more information from the State of California’s Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, click here.