Message from LA City Attorney: Reporting HCR "Bel-Air Overlay" violations

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Construction activities that may be occurring in violation of the Hillside Construction Regulations (HCR), namely that construction workers congregate, unload their tools and make deliveries prior to permitted hours of construction.

The preparatory activities (including delivery of construction materials, staging, off-loading and setting up equipment) would be considered ‘construction’ by the Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) and could be cited by LADBS if they are performed before 8am. 

The points of contact for complaints concerning early construction activities is the Department of Building and Safety (LADBS), specifically Pascal Challita, (213)482-6712, and/or Eric Jakeman, (213)202-9869.  You may also report any violations of the HCR online to LADBS. These online complaints are routed directly to a senior inspector. 

While LADBS cannot cite individuals for being parked on a public street and playing loud music, or congregating on-site and talking loudly (even before 8am), you can contact other City Departments to report this activity. Complaints concerning persons in parked cars should be routed to the Department of Transportation (LADOT) through 311. 

Complaints concerning loud individuals on-site should go to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), our Senior Lead Officer (SLO) for Bel-Air is Officer Chris Ragsdale.  The SLO may be reached at the West Los Angeles Police Station at (310) 444-0701.