CA Legislative News: Ban on Rodenticides (AB-1788) and Scott Weiner's Housing Bill (SB-50) "WeinerWorld"

Assembly Bill 1788 (AB-1788)

Help protect our Wildlife!

Assembly Bill 1788 (AB 1788) will ban the “second generation” of anticoagulant rodenticide in California and all rodenticide on State parkland.  The State Assembly’s Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee (ESTM) supports this bill.  The next step is the Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife (WPW) on April 9th.


Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) encourages people to submit public comment to the State legislature.  Click here for more information on how you can help ban rodenticides.

SENATE BILL 50 (SB-50) Scott Weiner

For those readers who want to see more information on Scott Weiner’s Senate Bill 50, a redux of the failed SB827 housing bill, that would result in local jurisdictions having little or no say as to the location and amount of copious housing, no parking and free rein to developers, here are links below to see the SB 50 strike map to see what neighborhood in Los Angeles will be wiped out if the bill passes.  

SB50 “Strike Map”

For more information one SB-50, click here.

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