BAA wishes GOOD LUCK to its members running for seats on the Bel-Air/Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council

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What are Neighborhood Councils?

Neighborhood Councils are city-certified local groups made up of people who live, work, own property or have some other connection to a neighborhood. The Board members are volunteers who applied to be candidates and were elected by the people in the neighborhood. The size of the Board varies from 7 to over 30, depending on the needs of the neighborhood. Neighborhood Councils are the closest form of government to the people. If you want fast change in your neighborhood, your best bet is to get your Neighborhood Council to act.

What do these Neighborhood Councils do?

Neighborhood Councils hold regular meetings – at least one every three months. Many Councils hold meetings more often and have working committees as well. Their job is to improve their neighborhood and address the needs of their community. Neighborhood Councils receive public funds, also known as taxpayer money, of $42,000 each year to support their activities. The Councils decide and vote on how they want to spend the money they receive. This may include creating events and programs for the unique needs of their community or advocating for the issues they care about such as crime, maintaining roads and streets, the creation of safe spaces for children, prevention of gangs, and economic development.

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