LAFD Brush Clearance Inspections underway: May 1 - July 30

Clearance Requirements Diagram.jpg

LAFD has deployed their Brush Task Force to inspect 140,000 parcels of land for compliance for brush clearance. The Inspections for brush clearance compliance will be from May 1 to July 30. After non-compliance/violations have been documented, homeowners will be notified and cited with 20 days to abate the brush problem on their property. If abatement is not done, LAFD will take bids from contractors to clear the brush and send the property owner the bill.

Property owners may check on the status of compliance/non-compliance of their properties by visiting Property owners must have their Assessor Parcel Number (APN) available to check the status.

Property owners may visit LAFD’s “Brush” webpage to find more information on the NEW brush clearance requirements and frequently asked questions. The goal is to have brush clearance completed in our hillsides — the Very High Fire Severity Zone (VHFSZ) — by the time the Santa Ana winds commence later in the year.

It is important to note that there are restrictions on the use of certain metal cutting blades for VHFSZ brush clearance (aka “Weed Whacker” Ordinance) - Ordinance No. 185789.

Please be sensitive to wildlife in our hillsides when trimming trees: Wait until fall season to do major tree trimming. Don’t let a contractor convince you that brush clearance time is also a good time to do your major tree trimming. Spring time is the WRONG time of the year to trim your trees; this is nesting season. The season begins in March and lasts through August. Severely cutting, trimming, and topping trees during this time can destroy nests and may eliminate valuable nest sites.