Devastating allegations: Hadid's involvement in illegal construction, bribery, and faking court-ordered community service


A central figure in the development of Mohamed Hadid’s controversial 901 Strada Vecchia megamansion made devastating allegations in court this week about the extent of Hadid’s alleged involvement in illegal construction, bribery of L.A. city officials, and faking court-ordered community service. 

The next court hearing for a status update of demolition of the top floor and pool deck is scheduled for July 23 at 8:30 AM in department N at the Santa Monica Courthouse.

Several news articles have been published on the matter, here are links to the articles:

BEVERLY HILLS COURIER (SEE PAGE 12) “Former 901 Strada Vecchia Construction Manager Says Hadid Directed Illegal Work, Bribed City Officials — Calls for House to Be Demolished

LA TIMES “New claims about perks for inspector, perils for neighbors in Bel-Air mega-mansion case”

UK DAILY MAIL “EXCLUSIVE: Mohamed Hadid 'made his security guard complete 200 hours of HIS court-ordered community service at a church' as row continues over Bel Air mega mansion as his own architect fears the 'building will slide down the hill and kill someone'“

CURBED LOS ANGELES “Former construction manager at stalled Bel-Air megamansion says ‘entire house must be demolished’”