State Legislative News: AB 1788 (rodenticides ban) and SB 330 "Housing Crisis Act of 2019"

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AB 1788 Ban on Rodenticides - has passed the Assembly and is making its way through the Senate

This week, the bill passed through the Senate Environmental Quality Committee. Next is the California Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee and we still need your messages of support to become law!

To send your message to the Natural Resources and Water Committee, click HERE.

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SB 330 (twin of SB 50) “Housing Crisis Act of 2019”

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On 6/19/19, SB 330 was forced to drop some of the bill’s radical concepts such as a 7-year protection plan for landlords and a ban on voter referendums to undo the worst parts of SB 330. Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Oakland), who introduced the bill and who is an ally of Scott Weiner, agreed to strip key elements that hurt renters, the poor and undermined democracy.

The elements Senator Skinner agreed to remove would have:

  1. Ended the right of citizens, until 2025, to vote to undo the worst of SB 330.

  2. Let landlords (some say slumlords) ignore code violations for 7 years if they didn’t hurt health or safety.

  3. Let developers count “relocation assistance” they're required to pay to displaced renters, as if that money had gone to construction of an actual housing unit.

SB 330 will next be heard July 3 in the Assembly Local Government Committee.

For more information:

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