Heads up for 2020 elections: Voting procedure will be modernized by LA County

LA County New Voting Procedure 600.jpg

In order to address the outdated voting procedure in LA County, a new voting system under “Voting Solution for All People” has been developed with the goals of simplicity, efficiency and cost effectiveness.  The new voting model will move away from reliance on pre-printed paper rosters and in its place provide real time access to the full voter database at all voting locations that makes same-day voter registration easier.

New voting process will still produce a paper ballot for accountability and accuracy.

• Cost effective measure

• Instead of one day to vote, voters will be have 11 days to vote

• Sample ballot on smartphone where voter can pre-mark their selections, create a Poll Pass with a unique QR code that can be scanned at the Voting Center, transfer your selection, review and transfer to a paper ballot that you can cast.

• Vote centers will be located throughout LA County

• Voters can vote at any vote center in the County

• To find a Vote Center that is convenient, visit lavote.net

• Fully accessible voting equipment at every vote center

• Vote by Mail is still accessible and easier to use with over 150 drop-offs available across the County

Video: Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP):  2020 Vote Centers