City Council enters summer recess without reinstatement of ordinance that bans car-sleeping on residential streets

homeless in vehicles.jpeg

The City Ordinance banning people from car-sleeping on residential streets expired at the end of June without action by the City Council. The City Council is in the midst of its summer recess and expected to meet again on July 30th. The Motion to reinstate and amend LAMC Section 85.02 — with a sunset, or expiration, of January 1, 2020 — has been agendized.

The ordinance banned living in a vehicle (vehicle dwelling) is prohibited at all times within one block (500 feet) of licensed schools, pre-schools, daycare facilities, or parks.

LAPD officers have been instructed to no longer issue citations for the offense until the ordinance has been reinstated.

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Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) 85.02 - Vehicle Dwelling