Improperly-stored chemicals in construction trash ignites fire on Sarbonne Road

755 Sarbonnne trash debris 8-16-19 IMG_2873 500.jpg

At approximately 6:00 PM Friday night, August 16, 2019, a security guard at at 755 Sarbonne noticed smoke and smelled chemicals from a large pile of construction trash located on the property’s driveway near the street. A fire ignited and the security guard was quick to act to extinguish the flames.

Station 37 LAFD Arson Section arrived on the scene to investigate and prepare a report. Discovered in the debris was a large quantity of improperly-disposed lacquer in styrofoam cups, rags full of lacquer, a paint brush with a metal tip, and a cigarette in Starbucks coffee cup with a hole burned through it. LAFD theorized that either the cigarette or the sun ignited the lacquer.

Lacquer is suppose to be stored in nonflammable containers. Neighbors complained that work crews at 755 Sarbonne are “constantly doing things that crease fire hazards.” They added they have complained to the owner but nothing is done.

LAFD file report #1395 on 8/16/19.

BAA would like to thank the property’s security guards for their quick action to extinguish the fire, and LAFD for their investigation and report.

755 Sarbonne trash fire Starbucks cup IMG_2878 500.jpg