US Census Bureau IS canvassing Bel-Air addresses August 4th - October 18th — but be alert for scammers in the area

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Field representatives from the US Census Bureau are conducting “advance canvassing” in Bel-Air in preparation for the 2020 US Census. Field representatives have been knocking on every door to verify addresses, including those properties with accessory dwelling units.

There have been reports of scammers in our area that include people representing themselves from the “Department of Home Affairs” who claim they must confirm that everyone has a “valid ID” for the upcoming census. If you encounter such a person or group. please contact LAPD immediately.

It is important for residents to know that legitimate field representatives will NOT ask for social security numbers, mother’s maiden name, bank or credit card numbers, or other personal information. Be alert with your emails and do not trust telephone callers.

For more information on how to differentiate between legitimate field representatives and scammers, please see the various links below:

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