BAA Officers and Co-chair of Emergency Preparedness & Neighborhood Watch Met with LAPD to discuss issues

Left to right:  Sr Officer Chris Ragsdale,  Sgt Justin Scott,   MARCIA HOBBS,   Officer Michael Toth,  mark goodman md,  dan love,  maureen levinson,                                   and officer p menchaca

Left to right:  Sr Officer Chris Ragsdale,  Sgt Justin Scott,  MARCIA HOBBS,  Officer Michael Toth,  mark goodman md,  dan love,  maureen levinson,                                   and officer p menchaca

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, LAPD met at the BAA office with BAA’s Emergency Preparedness & Neighborhood Watch Co-chair, Mark Goodman MD, Marcia Hobbs, Dan Love, Maureen Levinson, Alexandra Benavidez and Fred Rosen to re-establish cooperation and communication with our community, as well as to take suggestions to better prepare our community for emergencies, crime, general public safety with much discussion of safety on our hillside roads.

Senior Officer Chris Ragsdale, Sgt. Justin Scott (Community Relations Officer), Officer Michael Toth (West Traffic Division), and Officer P. Menchaca (Chief Complaint Officer) shared suggestions and procedures, some of which they emphasized:

Advice for our residents with regard to prevention, emphasis on the use of alarms; in particular surveillance cameras that record; and gates, doors and windows that are secure.

• Although Bel-Air is considered a low-crime area, there has been and continue to be many construction site thefts.

If there is a property that is a habitual “party house,” early notification to the LAPD non-emergency dispatch number is recommended.

Early notification of issues by either calling 311 - or in case of life-or-death emergencies, 911

The officers recommend our community recruit participants for a CERT Training Program (Civilian Emergency Response Team), as well as use of the MyLA311 App that can be uploaded to any smartphone (click on for information on the MyLA311 Application or the information at the end of this post).

To see a recent LAPD flyer regarding burglary prevention, click here.

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NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273

ALL OTHER CITY SERVICES: 311 or MYLA311 Application on Smartphone