Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir Water Quality Improvement Project to Commence in Spring/Summer 2017

As part of the State and Federal laws that require covered storage of drinking water reservoirs, the LADWP is preparing to install a floating cover over the open water surface of the existing Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir. Two United States Environmental Protection Agency water quality regulations necessitate this improvement and are described as follows:

STAGE 2 DISINFECTION AND DISINFECTION BY-PRODUCTES RULE (S2DBPR): Addressing risks from microbial pathogens and disinfectants/disinfection byproducts, the S2DBPR requires compliance with new disinfection byproduct standard by April 1, 2012. A compliance extension of two years to April 1, 2014, was granted.

LONG TERM 2 ENHANCED SURFACE WATER TREATMENT RULE: Two options are allowed under this rule for open finished water reservoirs: (1) covered storage, or (2) a filtration plant at the outlet of the open reservoir. An approved compliance plan, required by April 1, 2009, has been approved by the California Department of Public Health. In order to meet these two regulations at Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir, the LADWP is planning to do the following:

Switch the promary disinfectants from chlorine to chloramines Cover Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir with a flexible membrane floating cover Construction Details: The reservoir will be taken out of service in Spring/Summer 2017 so that construction can begin. All construction work will be performed within the LADWP property. While noise and dust can be expected as part of a large construction project such as this, LADWP will make every effort to reduce impacts to the neighboring community.

The BAA will notify the community when we get a more precise start date for this project.

To view the LADWP Flyer on this project, click here.

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