Official Update on the now-dismissed Bruce Kuyper vs New Bel-Air Association Lawsuit

Dear Members of the Bel-Air Community:

We are glad to report that the Bel-Air Association is free from the legal challenges brought by two former directors, and that its officers and board directors can now continue working on the community’s important matters without interruption by meritless litigation.

This past Friday, plaintiff Bruce Kuyper dismissed his lawsuit challenging the BAA’s March 17, 2016 election, in which a record number of Bel Air residents participated and voted in a new set of bylaws and a new slate of directors. That dismissal followed plaintiff Ron Hudson’s earlier dismissal of his lawsuit. These dismissals leave in place the BAA’s directors and officers, and eliminate the need for any further election until the BAA’s next annual election takes place in 2017.

Unencumbered by the costs and wasted time of litigation, the Board is now free to focus on those things that have for too long been ignored by the BAA – including uncontrolled building, excessive traffic, and rampant pollution in our community.

Some of you may have questions or may wish to see materials regarding the former litigation proceedings. If so, do not hesitate to ask. This is particularly so, since the June 24, 2016 posting by Mr. Hudson and Mr. Kuyper misrepresented several matters, among them their false statement that the court ruled that the March 17 meeting was invalid (there was a tentative ruling that the meeting was not properly called, but Mr. Kuyper opposed the court’s tentative ruling because the court refused to issue the relief he sought and he dismissed his lawsuit before a final ruling was issued). We now intend to move the court for reimbursement of amounts the BAA was required to pay.

Please know that any future communications by Mr. Kuyper or Mr. Hudson express only their personal, misleading views, and not the views of the officials of the BAA. Those individuals were replaced on March 17, 2016, and have at no time since held any official position with the BAA.

We look forward to getting back to the BAA’s important business of serving our community.

Sincerely yours,

Marcia Hobbs

Dan Love

Maureen Levinson

Jamie Meyer