Large turnout from Bel-Air Residents at Councilmember Koretz's Meet & Greet with Vince Bertoni, Director of the Department of City Planning

A large turnout from Bel-Air residents were at Monday’s “Meet & Greet” Town Hall meeting with new DCP Director, Vince Bertoni. This has been yet another Town Hall Meeting that Councilmember Koretz has arranged for the community (on June 13th with the Department of Public Works).

Mr. Bertoni mentioned that a top priority of his is dealing with the dilemma that Planning created when they encouraged building into hillsides. He also intends to re-organize the Planning Department by creating an “Information Office,” as well as break the city into geographical areas, whereby each area will have one Planning entity that communities in that area will be able to deal with exclusively for their particular issues. Many thanks to Joan Pelico for providing her delicious homemade cookies. For more information on the Meet & Greet, read the BEVERLY HILLS COURIER at or click here.